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Kiddush Luncheon follows services every Shabbat. Over challah and a light lunch, we chat and nosh together. Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or other family occasion by sponsoring a Kiddush. It is a beautiful way of sharing your personal celebration with the community. 

Below is the list of upcoming Kiddush sponsors and sponsorship opportunities. You may fill in any upcoming date which is blank.




Sponsored By 

In Honor Of 

September 21-22 Rosh Hashanah  Neil and Roberta Schorr   
September 23  Ha'zinu Zitta Baker Neil Baker's Yartzheit
September 30  Yom Kippur Breakfast  Marsha Nagelberg and Harvey Gerhard   
October 7  Sukkot  Reserved   
October 12-13   Simchat Torah  Lavitsky Family 

Jill's Birthday 

October 14  Bereishit  Olga Malits  Boris Malits' Yartzheit 
October 21  Noach  Doug and Sara Baker  Doug's Bar Mitzvah Parsha 
October 28  Lech Lecha  Reserved   
November 4  Vayeira  Linton and Irene Segal Hashem's Blessings 
November 11  Chayei Sara  Lavitsky Family  Eric's Bar Mitzvah Parsha 
November 18  Toldot  Ilene and David Deitz  Our child Matt and Alexis 
November 25  Vayeitzei  David and Barbara Gelband   
December 2 Vayishlach  Scott Seltzer   
December 9  Vayeishev  Roberta and Neil Schorr                Harry Reich's Yartzeit
December 16  Mikeitz  Bernstein Family   
December 23  Vayigash  Howard and Marian Slepian   
December 30  Vayichi  Stan and Flo Kissel   
January 6 Shmot   
January 13  Bo   
January 20  Va'era  Marc and Renee Klar   
January 27  Beshalach  Rob Beim His Mother's Yartzheit
February 3 Yitro  Gary and Antoinette Blaustien   
February 10  Mishpatim  Steve and Jana Appelbaum   
February 17  Terumah  Rob Beim His Father's Yartzeit
February 24 Titzaveh  Steve Kraus His Mother's Birthday
March 3 Ki Tisa  Stan and Flo Kissel   
March 10  Vayakel/Pekudei  Lavitsky Family Aaron's Birthday
March 17  Vayikrah  Aaron and Debbie Smith Sophia Smith's Bat Mitzvah 
March 24  Tzav  Meyers Family
April 14 Shmini  Baker Family Meyer's Birthday
April 21  Tazria/Metzorah   
April 28  Achrei/Kedoshim   
 May 5 Emor 
May 12  Behar/Bechukotai   
May 19  Bamidbar   
May 20  Shavuot 
May 26 Naso  Jim and Mala Teicher Marriage of Jeremy and Alexis Teicher
June 2 Behalotecha  Jim and Mala Teicher  Marriage of Jeremy and Alexis Teicher 
June 9 Shlach   
June 16 Korach     
June 23 Chukat     
June 30


July 7 Pinchat   
July 14 Matot-Masei     
July 21 Devarim     
July 28 Va'etchanan     
August 4 Eikev     
August 11 Re'eh   
August 18 Shoftim     
August 25 Ki Teitzei     
September 1 Ki Tavo     
September 8 Nitzavim     
September 10-11 Rosh Hashanah 



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This cost is based on the number of approximate regular shul attendees. If you wish to invite additional people to Shul, (Great idea!) there will be an increase in the food prepared and an increase in kiddush cost.)

  Basic Kiddush $180

Gefilte Fish Platter
4 Assorted Salads (such as: pasta, fresh, broccoli)
Pastry Platter 


  Fish Deluxe Kiddush $360

Fresh Salmon OR Lox Platter
Chips and Dips (Hummus OR Salsa)
6 Assorted Salads (such as: pasta, fresh, broccoli)
Fruit Platter
Pastry Platter or Occasion Cake


  Meat Deluxe Kiddush $360

Deli Meat Platter
Chips and Dips (Hummus OR Salsa)
3 Assorted Salads (such as: pasta, fresh, broccoli)
Fruit Platter
Pastry Platter or Occasion Cake




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